Over a Cigarette: Tales to Tell after you Light up a Smoke

over a cigarette- tales to tell after you light up a smoke

The smoking zone in an office, at the mall or even on the road has become the unofficial place for smokers to bond while taking a puff. I have made quite a few friends, had my share of arguments and have even had philosophical debates with people I did not know. A lot can happen over a smoke.

I like to dwell on the positives. I enjoy smoking with a circle of people, especially colleagues. I’ve got to know them better just by sharing a smoke with them every day. We don’t only vent out about our respective bosses, we also trade secrets on how to best tackle difficult personalities. Most smokers bond because they feel safe in each other’s company. At least we don’t have to contend with people who will be quick to judge our lifestyle.

Sometimes, you even get seniors joining you for a smoke. In fact, you get to see a different side of them when they’re smoking in company.

The Party Puff

When I smoke at parties and get-togethers, I inevitably strike up a conversation with a few other smokers in the circle. Before you know it, we’re all huddled outside the main party area, sharing a few laughs and talking about random things. It is quite disrespectful to keep away from the main party area, but it feels so good.

There was this one guy I met under similar circumstances. He was smoking outside and I asked if I could join him for a smoke. Though he obliged, he was awfully quite. I tried striking up a conversation, but he refused to say anything. Upon further persistence, he decided to open up and tell me how he hated his job. Since we were both financial analysts, I told him I would put in a word at my firm. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

Three months later, he joined my firm and now we’re good friends, and smoking buddies. A lot can happen over a smoke.

Roadside Conversations

I have managed to strike up a few conversations while sharing a cigarette with fellow bystanders on the road, especially at the local tea stall. In fact, you get to hear interesting anecdotes from people who belong to different parts of the country.

One guy, a regular at a local tea stall I frequent, keeps telling anyone who cared to listen about how his wife who doesn’t allow him to go near her if she gets the smell of smoke. The smoking habit has cost him several conjugal attempts. Though he’s tried kicking the habit, he can’t live without a smoke. Nowadays, he smokes one cigarette less a day, right before heading home, to ensure his wife doesn’t disapprove.

Smokers bonding over a cigarette can be quite cathartic. Apart from blowing out smoke, you also let loose and have a bit of fun by sharing a few laughs.

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