Chal sutta martein hein – Occasions That Give Me a Reason to Smoke

Chal sutta martein hein – Occasions That Give Me a Reason to Smoke

Chal sutta martein hein!” – A line that could make any smoker smirk. It could be daytime smoking or the last cigarette of the night; a cigarette can cure a multitude of your problems. But, does it really need an occasion?

Yes it does! I mean, how often do you smoke a cigarette just for the heck of it? Smoking is not always premeditated, it happens for a reason. A stressful day, a breakup, a surprise meeting with friends or even a lonely moment could spike a cigarette craving. Cigarettes are a man-made excuse to escape the chaotic world for few seconds and introspect on your life and the course it has taken.

Just like whenever your friend says: Arre yaar, bahut paka raha hai! Chal sutta marte hain.

Or when they say: Yaar boss ne aaj bahut sunaya, dimaag kharab ho gaya hai! Chal sutta marke aatey hai

In fact, I personally take out a cigarette each time I get stressed, and even though that means ten cigarettes a day, that is totally fine as long as it can keep me stress free. The feeling of smoking when stressed is best, as I have always managed to come up with a solution to my problems after smoking a cigarette. Ah! So much at peace.

Tu itne saalon ke baad aaya hai, aaj jamke sutta marengay aur gappe ladayengay

Sometimes, a happy reunion or good news triggers your desire to smoke.

There have been times when I have had my friends, who stay in the neighborhood, come and knock at my door in the middle of the night only to step-out for a smoke. Though injurious to health, smoking helps me to release all my woes, be it with my friends or when alone. There is something so eternal about watching the white smoke float in the thin air as you take another drag.

Mein zindegi ke saath nivata chala gaya, har fikr ko dhue mein udata chala gaya”, this song is so much a reflection of me.

But while these seem practical enough a reason to share a smoke, I have friends who have come out with the most bizarre occasions, or excuses, whatever you may call it.

After lunch, most smokers look for a chance to take a drag. They be like, Chal yaar ek sutta marke aate hain! Aaj khaana bahut heavy ho gaya .” 

So while a lot many of my friends deny looking for an occasion to smoke, I have always been honest enough to accept it.

Now that I have written this piece, I need a smoke before I start writing the next piece. Till then why don’t you share with me an occasion you normally grab a cigarette for.

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